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"HR Solutions That Work."

That's our promise and our guarantee. We have been in the HR business for a long time and have had our shares of "battle scars" through the years so we know which HR solutions work in the real world from those better kept in textbooks.

HR Central K.K.'s Consulting & Outsourcing Practice helps organizations improve their profitability and competitive advantage by analyzing, designing, and installing HR solutions across the entire HR value chain of recruit, retain, and release. We do this by leveraging our Team's and partners' collective knowledge and wealth of experience in solving real life HR and business problems.

Consulting Services

Outsourcing Services

For Corporate Clients:

Payroll Services

Social Insurances Administration Services

Bookkeeping Services

Accounting Services

Tax Administration Services

IT Support and Administration

Immigration and Visa Services

Need Help?

Have a unique problem? We can help. Get in touch with us if you don't see the solution you are looking for and we will custom-made one for you and your organization.


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