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CONSULTING SERVICES | HR Advisory and Consulting

"Business is about people."


It's as simple as that. Machines, computers, equipment, and even money do not produce business results. People do. Hence, effective and efficient management of an organization's human capital and resources remains the most important management responsibility of any organization and its leaders.


Now you can leverage the breadth and depth of our HR Advisory and Consulting services to help you maximize your most important resource...your people.


Below is a list of our services we can provide to you and your organization but if you don't find what you are looking for, contact us and we will customize one for you.


HR Strategy Development


Leadership Development and Organizational Design
HR Evaluation System and Compensation and Benefits Design
  • Job/position value evaluation and organizational analysis

  • Competency analysis and competency model design

  • Objective-setting and performance appraisal schemes (MBO) design

  • 360-degree Feedback/Assessment

  • Cash compensation design in alignment with HR strategy

  • Design of long term incentives (including stock options)

  • Benefit plan analysis and design in line with HR strategy

Executive Compensation Programs
  • Management organization and accountability analysis and design

  • Executive compensation design

  • Executive employment agreement


Global HR & Expatriate Programs
  • Design of HR programs for overseas subsidiaries

  • Design of global HR and expatriate compensation schemes

HR Compliance
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