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Jun Kabigting, MA, MBA, MS, SPHRi
Representative Director and President




Jun is a representative director and president of HR Central K.K. and an adjunct professor with Temple University Japan Campus and GLOBIS Management School. He served as the Founding Chief Community Officer of The Japan HR Society (JHRS) and the first Managing Editor of The HR Agenda -- Japan's first & only bilingual HR magazine.


Jun is an HRCI-credentialed human resources (HR) professional with more than 20 years of progressive experience across the entire HR value chain of recruit, retain, development, and release. He is an HR generalist, consultant, and business partner with in-depth and practical experience in talent acquisition, strengths-based talent management, leadership development, total rewards, payroll management, performance management, coaching, culture audit, and organizational development, change, and effectiveness. Jun wants to help transform the world of work to enable people and organizations to achieve breakthroughs in performance, profitability, efficiency, and well-being. Jun likewise serves as a nominal representative and/or external director for other organizations.

He holds an MA in Positive Organizational Psychology & Evaluation from Claremont Graduate University (CGU),  an MBA from the University of Hawaii, an MS in Industrial Engineering from the University of the Philippines, a Certificate in Preparing Future Faculty from CGU, a Certificate in HR Studies from Cornell University’s School of Industrial Labor and Relations, and an accredited Harrison Assessments (HA) consultant and solutions provider in Japan. He is currently taking his Ph.D. in Positive Organizational Psychology at CGU in California, USA.

He has been a frequent speaker/resource person in various domestic and international HR conferences in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the USA. He passionately believes in advancing the HR agenda through continuing HR education, knowledge sharing, and the use of HR best practices.




Experienced HR-focused recruiting professional with a proven track record in filling in critical or executive level HR positions across different industries. He's also an HR professional with experience in T&D, C&B, and performance management as well as other HR generalist functions including coaching/counseling. He also acts as Japan Representative Director and/or External Director as part of HRCKK's Corporate Governance services it offers to its clients in Japan.


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