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Job Description



This job is not about being a human calculator. That is, you will not  do the mundane tasks of literally computing for salaries, social insurance premiums, deductions, etc....our state-of-the-art payroll software can do that for you faster, more accurate, and cheaper.



This job is about administering and processing payroll and social insurances procedures according to statutory regulations and client requirements using a technology platform that is simply the best in its class. It's like horse racing.


Our payroll technology platform is the "horse" and you will be the "rider" or the "jockey" whose basic mission is to bring this horse to the finish line (or the job's mission of paying accurately, timely, and compliantly).

As the "jockey," you are expected to take care of the "horse," nourish it with up-to-date statutory information, maintain its security and integrity, and have fun with it.


If have at least 5 years of payroll experience, able to communicate well in English and Japanese, and is a certified or licensed Labor and Social Insurance Consultant in Japan or you can demonstrate that you have an expert understanding of current and relevant labor and compensation laws in Japan,  you are half the person we are looking for.

And if you are precise, good in numbers, organized, and has interest in business or fiscal management, you should definitely explore with us by applying to be our "jockey."

An experience with other payroll vendors is helpful but not required. However, experience working in a multicultural environment will definitely be an advantage.

Additional Information

The Location: Our main office is located at Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan. However, you can work-at-home anywhere in the world. If you are in Japan and near our primary location, you may be required to come on specific days of the month to run the payroll, have meaningful conversations with us, or even to just simply hang out with us.

If you are based outside of Japan but has the qualifications stated above, a fast Internet connection, email, and phone are a MUST. You will still be able to do most of the job as we employ a cloud-based payroll technology platform. You will nevertheless have to be online or reachable most of the business or working time in Japan.

The Benefits: Competitive and fair compensation awaits the right person for this job. We employ a total rewards approach that includes a combination of cash and non-cash pay mix that is specifically designed to your own particular needs and stage in life and career. 

What Is It Like Working With Us (NOT For Us): Our culture suits very well the Millennial Generation: Open. Lots of real time feedback. Mission-oriented. Flat organization. Culture of Learning. Challenging. Flexible. And most of all, you can have FUN. However, you don't need to be in the millennial generation per just need to have the heart and mindset of this generation to fit with our work culture.

So what are you waiting for? If you think (and feel) you got what it takes to be part of our team, APPLY NOW and be our payroll jockey!

All your information will be kept confidential according to Japan's Private Information Act of 2003 and other relevant laws and regulations.

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