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HIRERIGHT SERVICES | Interim/On-Demand Talent Solution
Interim Management

Organizations just like individuals may from time to time suffer from a sudden loss of a key talent because of death, crisis, disaster, competition, or any other reasons. 


In such cases, a leadership vacuum needs to be filled fast in order to control the damage and keep the business as usual while the organization is looking for a more "permanent" replacement for vacant roles.


In situations described above, HRCKK's Interim Management Talent Solution is the answer. With HRCKK's depth and breadth of its network within the HR profession in Japan, we are able to tap seasoned, experienced HR professionals to act as Interim HR Heads/Managers so that your business can continue to operate normally and serve its clients.


Needless to say, we can also respond to other Interim Management needs in areas such as finance, accounting, governance, and general management.


So in times of emergencies, crises, or unforseen situations where you need a temporary talent solution to help you go through the hard times, get in touch with us and let us be of help.

On-Demand Talent Solution

In today's tough competitive environment, an organization's ability to expand or contract in size depending on prevailing or projected business demand is not only a matter of survival but more importantly an exercise to improve productivity and profitability.


Hence, HRCKK's On-Demand Talent Solution partners with you by providing a flexible and professional contingent labor that you can tap based on your business needs. No more under or over staffing. With HRCKK's On-Demand Talent Solution, you can hire the right number of talent doing the right job.


Contact us now to learn more on how this solution can benefit your company.


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