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HIRERIGHT SERVICES | HireRight Recruiting
What is HireRight Recruiting

Learning from our years of experience in the talent acquisition business, we have developed a robust recruiting methodology we aptly call the HireRight Recruiting.

HireRight is based on best-in-class hiring practices and a comprehensive and full- proof profiling system which when used in combination helps our clients put the right people at the right jobs. 

Learn the six (6) proven steps in finding, attracting, and retaining Top Talent for your organization by watching the slide presentation.

Needless to say, the HireRight system is the same methodology we employ in all of our executive or exclusive searches we do for our clients.

Our Incredible Offer: "BUY ONE, TAKE TWO"

Engaging HR Central K.K.’s Talent Acquisition Practice as your recruiting partner for your HR or mission-critical searches simply means that you are getting two benefits for the price of one.


That is, our clients don't only get the right person for the job but they also get the HireRight Recruiting methodology that is proven to help find, attract, and retain Top Talent for their organizations.


In short, while we are doing the search for our clients, we work closely together with them so that we can transfer our know-how and expertise so that our clients can learn how to consistentlyhire the right people for any position type (e.g., HR, sales, marketing, etc.) and level (e.g., junior to senior). It's like hitting two birds with one stone!


This is our way of showing that we "walk our talk" when we claim that we are a recruiting "partner" for our clients' search and hiring needs.

Try our HireRight Consulting!

We assist organizations in installing and implementing this proven recruiting methodology into their selection and staffing process so that they can consistently find, attract, and retain Top Talent!

We do this through a combination of seminar-workshops, on-the-job training, role-playing, and on-demand coaching and mentoring. In addition, we also provide clients with customizable templates and forms that they can immediately use.

Get in touch with us now and avail of our FREE Recruiting System Audit to help you get started hiring the right person for the right job!

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