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Job Placement


Why entrust your HR career with us? Below are our value proposition we bring to you when you decide to partner with us in building your HR career.



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Interview Coaching / Preparation


Interview still remains the most used hiring tool by organizations. Every organization makes the interview as the "ultimate" way to hire or not to hire a candidate.


If you made to the stage that you have been asked to go for an interview, you better go to that interview fully prepared---mentally, physically, and emotionally.


Our Interview Coaching / Preparation Service goes beyond equipping you what to say or what not to say, what to wear, or how to behave. Our approach will help you demonstrate how you can do the job not the interview itself.


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Japan Pension & Tax Refund


Are you a foreigner who is working or have worked in Japan for at least 6 months and contributed to the Social Insurance System?


If so, get back your hard earned money you paid into Japan's pension system (up to 3 years of pension contribution) as well as salary/income taxes (up to 5 years) when you decide to move on and leave Japan for good


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Polaris Career Counselling


Our Polaris Coaching Services is based on the career coaching approach of the Career Mentoring Institute (CMI).  We believe that CMI's system is a very holistic career coaching system available there is.

As such, our coaching approach follows an "integral" approach rather than a segmented one as every part of human life needs to be taken cared of to find one's ideal career and purpose in life.


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Executive or Transition Coaching


Our Executive or Transition Coaching / Mentoring services help ensure that you achieve amazing things in your new organization or new position.


Whether you were promoted internally or hired externally by another organization, you need to be able to prove your worth within the first 90 days in a systematic and focused manner. Your success (or failure) in this first 90 days will inevitably decide whether you make the cut or move on again.


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Customized Solution


If you don't see the solution you are looking for, get in touch with us and we would custom-made one for you to meet your unique needs.

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