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CONSULTING SERVICES | Japan Pension and Tax Refund

Get back your hard earned money you paid into Japan's pension system (up to 3 years of pension contribution) as well as salary/income taxes (up to 5 years).


Contact us for more info and initial assessment. (Read Client Testimonials below.)

Japan Pension Refund Services

Qualifications (Who may apply?)


  • Contributed into the pension system for at least six (6) months;

  • Must not be a Japanese or a current Japan-resident;

  • Must not availed of any Japanese public pension benefits, e.g., Disability Allowance


Requirements/Documents Needed to be Submitted to Claim for Pension and Pension Tax Refunds


  • Filled out Application Form for Lump-Sum Withdrawal of Pension Payments (to be provided by HRCKK) with bank stamp/seal

  • Original pension booklet

  • Proof of move-out notice

  • Tax agent/representative designation (HRCKK can act as Tax Agent and given a Power-of-Attorney)

  • Copy of passport and Japan exit stamp

Japan Income Tax Refund Services

Unlike pension tax refunds, computing for salary or income tax refunds is very complicated and quite literally, confusing. 


Factors such as actual income taxes paid, number of dependents (in and outside Japan), social insurance contributions, personal insurances, medical bills, and many more need to be considered and factored in to assess your potential total tax refunds for up to 5 years of your work in Japan.


That is why we work with registered and qualified Tax Consultants in Japan to give our clients the best possible tax advice on how to maximize your income tax refunds.

How to Apply


You only really need to do one thing: CONTACT US and let us do this for you.Sit back and just wait for your hard earned money get back to you in your own bank account.


Client Testimonials

"I worked in Japan for about 1.5 years as a telecommunication engineer and after finish my assignment in Japan I have to leave Japan immediately since I have another project was waiting for me...there was not much time to process by myself my Pension and Tax Refund. Luckily I have HR Central to assist me. It was very easy! I just provided all needed documents and communicated via e-mail, then I got all refund. Thanks HR Central!

-- Roy L. (Indonesia)

"I left Japan after 15 months of contract employment without knowing how to get the Pension and Tax refund I was eligible to get! Thanks to HR Central K.K. all obstacles were removed: language, local bureaucracy, ignorance of international and country agreements, & laws. With HR Central K.K., I have  experienced great service with patience, simplicity, clarity and in detail. Refunds and documents were done within estimated time frame and continuous update."

-- Foteini P. (Greece)


"I had worked in Japan for 1 year and then went back to Indonesia. I didn’t realize that I'm eligible for Japan’s pension and tax refund. So I contacted HR CENTRAL K.K to apply for it on my behalf. They have a very good response time, support and provided good information for foreigners like me. Thank you so much HR CENTRAL K.K. for your help and support during my assignment in Japan and after I went home to Indonesia. I hope we can work together again in my next assignment in the future."

-- Daniel S. (Indonesia)

"HR Central K.K. provided wonderful and amazing services for pension and tax refunds. After I worked in Japan for 2 years, I was able to get my pension and tax refund in just 6 months from the time I returned to my home country. I strongly recommend to anyone to use HRCKK services if you would like to claim back your pension and tax refunds after you leave Japan. The charges are also reasonable. Thanks again for your services!"

-- Wai T. (Malaysia)


“I am very satisfied using HR CENTRAL K.K for my Japan’s pension and tax refund. They have a very good response time, support, and feedback for any information needed. It is very recommended for others, especially expatriates who want to process their Japan pension and tax refund with HR CENTRAL K.K – Thank you !!!”

-- Henry H. (Indonesia)
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