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Finding the right talent for your organization requires flexibility in approach and style. That is why you can choose from the following services the one that best fits your hiring needs.
# 1. HireRight Recruiting

Learning from our years of experience in the talent acquisition space, we have developed a robust recruiting methodology we aptly call the HireRight Recruiting.


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# 2. Profiling and Assessments

HR Central K.K. is an accredited provider and consultant in Japan of the internationally recognized Harrison Assessments (HA) profiling tools and techniques designed to assist in the selection, recruitment, and development of current and future employees.
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# 3. Professional Employment Outsourcing (PEO)

Also known as joint or co-employment, PEO is the ideal solution for start-up to small companies who want to focus on their core activities without being bogged down by transactional processes such as benefits recruiting, payroll, social insurances, bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, etc. It's simple, fast, and efficient.


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# 4. Interim or On-Demand Talent

Did you suddenly lose a key talent or are you looking for extra hands to help you deliver your product or service commitments without the hassle of promising a permanent employment? We can help with our Interim or On-Demand  Talent solution.


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