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What separates us from the rest of the players in the talent acquisition space?
DIFFERENCE #1: We are primarily a focused and niche source for talent, careers, and resources for the HR profession in Japan.*

Why go for a specialty HR talent & career site? Simple answer: because you want results!


As a client, you benefit from our deep knowledge, experience, and network of the local Japanese HR management profession including its unique characteristics and intricacies. Simply put, we know the who's who in the Japan HR scene. We are the locals.


As a candidate, you are assured that career opportunities and resources you will find in here are related to your HR profession. Whether you are looking for a career-up or HR information and resources to help you do a better job, HR Central K.K. is the place to go.


Although the use of general job boards and sites is still the usual norm, recent news articles, research, surveys, and benchmark studies have uncovered the advantages and benefits of using a specialty career and resources site. 


Some of these benefits include more targeted exposure resulting to not only faster time-to-hire ratio but also higher quality-of-hire at a lower cost-to-hire metrics. In addition, the same studies also project that this practice of “specialty sites” will continue in the future amidst the back draft of globalization.


*While we primarily specialize in HR-related positions, we selectively take on search assignments for "mission-critical" positions for our clients.

DIFFERENCE #2: We serve the entire vertical HR value chain and position levels across all industries in Japan.

Although our main business is in senior level HR searches, we also service other position levels from entry level to heads of HR and across the entire HR value chain both for in-house HR or third-party HR consulting industry.

DIFFERENCE #3: We have the resources and the expertise.

At HR Central K.K., we know the world of HR by heart because all of our search assignments are done by HR professionals themselves with at least 5 years (or equivalent) of HR work experience or academic training. This gives our clients the comfort level they need and deserve that their searches are executed by search and recruiting consultants who know the unique characteristics of Japanese HR professionals and the “ins-and-outs” of the HR profession in Japan.

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