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CONSULTING SERVICES | Polaris Career Counseling

"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love." --- Goethe


Our Polaris Coaching / Career Counseling Services is based on the career coaching approach of the Career Mentoring Institute (CMI).  We believe that CMI's system is a very holistic career coaching system available there is.


As such, our coaching approach follows an "integral" approach rather than a segmented one as every part of human life needs to be taken cared of to find one's ideal career and purpose in life.

Generally, a Polaris Coaching engagement involves five (5) steps:


  1. Identifying your "true calling" in life so that you can choose a career that supports this calling;

  2. Natural strengths and weaknesses inventory to identify your unique sets of talents and abilities that would support your ideal career;

  3. Personality, temperament, and work preferences profiling (done using the Harrison Assessments methodology) to identify what really makes you "tick";

  4. A personalized CareerMatch listing the Top 30 careers you can choose from supporting your natural talents and abilities and life calling; 

  5. Finding your Life's Purpose and Ideal Career which is actually the application of the knowledge gained in the first four steps above. Needless to say, this is the most important part of the coaching process and hence there will be a lot of one-on-one sessions here.However, the final product is a guide to the life and career you're meant to be and to do.

At the end of the coaching engagement, you would have created your Life and Career Workbook which hopefully will guide you for the rest of your life and career journey.

Want to learn more about process and fees? Please contact us today.

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