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The Employee Pulse Survey: An Introduction


  • A mental attitude or condition

  • A sense of solidarity developed among a group working together

  • A state of well-being


  • Affects outputs, cooperation, costs, enthusiasm, motivation, discipline, and success


  • Minds

  • Attitudes, and 

  • Emotions of individuals as well as of teams


  • Employees and managers

  • Customers/consumers

  • Society at large


  • Individual and team performance

  • Productivity

  • Profitability

The Employee Pulse Survey: Why Do It
  • Determines what employees think on a number of  factors/issues affecting themselves and the organization.

  • Helps develop positive employee attitudes and good people-management for managers.

  • Quantitatively establishes the facts, identify the problems and the action needed to be taken.

  • Monitors reaction of employees to management initiatives & improvements.

  • Supplies key information for decision making and planning processes.

  • Identifies ways in which employee support, commitment, morale & performance can be improved.

The Employee Pulse Survey:
What It Measures
  • Organizational communication (top-down, bottom-up)

  • Human relations / Interpersonal relationship

  • Work satisfaction / motivation

  • Organizational discipline / Company policy & administration

  • Workplace climate / Fair evaluation

  • Education and training / Self-development

  • Working Conditions (e.g., workplace facilities, housekeeping & safety)

  • Operational fatigue

  • Wages / Salary

  • Loyalty to the company / Job security

  • Employee empowerment

  • Company and job status/image

  • Work outlook (e.g., sense of achievement, company growth prospects, amount of responsibility, and challenging work)

  • Areas for improvement

  • Free Opinion evaluation

Learn more about our Employee Pulse Survey and how it can help you really know your employees' real motivations and level of engagement with your organization.


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