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WEBCAST: Challenges & Opportunities Facing Japanese HR Departments, Jun Kabigting, MBA/MS/HRMP

Guest: Jun Kabigting, MBA/MS/HRMP, Managing Director, HR Central KK and Chief Community Officer, The Japan HR Society (JHRS) Host: James Santagata, Publisher, FirstPoint Japan and Principal Consultant, SiliconEdge

Topics Covered Include:

  • How did you end up in Japan?

  • How did you get into HR in Japan?

  • Is Japan HR unique?

  • What makes Japan HR unique?

  • What makes it different or unique compared to the US and say Western practices?

  • What about the ability to reduce a workforce or realign personnel, are there legal considerations?

  • How difficult is it to terminate an employee, even for "cause" or "performance issues"?

  • What are the direct and indirect costs of a mishire in Japan?

  • What are the biggest challenges now? -- For HR professionals and for organizations?

  • What challenges and also opportunities do you see on the horizon? -- For HR professionals and for organizations?

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