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"Train Your Recruiters To Get It Right First Time."


Writer Alan Fowler tells the story of his brush with near-disaster when he made his first single-handed selection by himself. It was for a storekeeper.


Flushed with enthusiasm, he saw scores of candidates, and then picked the best. Only the guy that turned up on day one wasn't the person he thought it was. He'd picked the wrong name!


The twist in the story, of course, is that Alan was too embarrassed to admit his mistake to his boss, went ahead with the appointment anyway, and a year down the line discovered that the firm had the best storekeeper it had ever had. But it was a close-run thing.


Without his stroke of luck, he could have been landed with a headache for years to come. And an expensive one as well. Don't take chances with your own selections. Learn to get it right first time.


Don't hire dwarfs; hire giants! LEARN how to select the very best people around by attending training courses from our Center for Hiring Excellence. 


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Conducting Effective Selection Interviews: Going Beyond "Gut-Feeling" Hiring
(One Day or Two Half-Day Sessions)










Although many organizations are prepared to consider new ways to recruit staff, such as the use of the Internet, or video-conferencing links in pre-screening, it is still rare to find organizations which do not use the interview at some stage in their recruitment processes.

Despite everything we can find out about a candidate, from their job histories to their personalities, from their performance in a test to their personal profiles, we still want to meet them face-to-face.

The interview remains central to selection decisions: upon it, we believe we can find out what a person is really like, whether they have the attitude we are looking for, whether they will fit in to the team and, crucially, whether we like them or not.

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How to Find the Right Person
for the Right Job
(One Day or Two Half-Day Sessions)










This one-day (or two half day) seminar / workshop will show participants how to plan every recruitment campaign so that they hire the right person for the right job.


This course is essential for organizations or anyone who are passionate about "winning" in the marketplace and want to STOP hiring mediocre candidates and START hiring "A" Players to join their team!


The course primarily uses the "HireRight(TM) Recruiting Methodology" which comprises of six (6) proven steps in finding, attracting, and retaining Top Talent for any job and any size of organization.


It uses a combination of adult learning methodologies such as short lectures, individual exercises, group workshops, multimedia (AV), and role playing. This course will help participants to gain knowledge and skills from being average into outstanding "talent scouts" who can recruit the right people for the right job!


Don't hire someone yet until you have come to this workshop! The knowledge you can gain from this might just make-or-break you and your company!

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