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Jun Kabigting,MA, MBA, MSIE, SPHRi

I am a business-academic with more than 25 years of solid experience across the entire human resource (HR) value chain of recruit, retain and development, most of them Japan-focused. I passionately believe in advancing the HR profession through continuing HR education, knowledge sharing, and use of HR best practices.

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Professionally, I am the representative director and president of HR Central K.K. and an adjunct professor with Temple University Japan Campus and GLOBIS University. I served as the Founding Chief Community Officer of The Japan HR Society (JHRS) and the first Managing Editor of The HR Agenda -- Japan's first & only bilingual HR magazine.

I have solid experience as a trainer, HR consultant, and talent acquisition professional. I likewise serve as a nominal representative and/or external director for other organizations.

I am a frequent speaker/resource person in various domestic and international HR conferences in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the USA.

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