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SHIFTING GEARS: When Change is the Name of the Game | ギアチェンジ: 変化が常

Originally written in English

“The only constant in life is CHANGE itself.”

And so the saying goes. It is very much applicable in life, business, and yes, even with The HR Agenda. Just in our previous issue of this column [“The HR Agenda Marks Anniversary, Moves Forward With Changes,” The HR Agenda Magazine, July-Oct 2015 issue], I announced a series of changes that we will be making in order to continue publishing this unique and pioneering HR publication in Japan. Those changes were mainly driven by our need to reduce costs against the background of stagnant and even declining revenues from advertisements and subscriptions.

While we are slowly seeing the positive effects of those changes, we saw that we still need to shift gears and implement additional changes in The HR Agenda in terms of its editorial team, format, and delivery.

Briefly, the main change that we decided to implement starting from this issue is to make non-print editions of The HR Agenda accessible online and open to the public. At the end of each article, you can also freely make comments on the articles to drive higher reader engagement and encourage more exchange of opinions and knowledge.

As a result, we have also done away with creating a magazine format of the articles found herein. This means that there will be no PDF format (in the classic magazine style) for non-print issues. This action alone will allow us to save 25% of our publishing costs while still delivering the articles that you have come to like about the magazine.

The much-awaited print editions of our magazine won't entirely be gone, however. For our Anniversary Issues (July-October), we will continue to publish them in both print and digital/online versions and fully bilingual as before. We hope that you will continue to support us in this endeavor by advertising with us and/or subscribing to The HR Agenda.

We are also making changes in our editorial team to save costs and streamline our press workflow. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing editor in chief, Atley Jonas, for leading the magazine for the past year. He has implemented various editorial changes and raised further our editorial standards which we plan on living up to. Working with Atley has been a great experience for me and the rest of the editorial team. His passion, commitment and professionalism are clearly evident from the four issues that he produced for us. Although this issue is Atley’s last as editor in chief, he will still be involved in our magazine and other JHRS projects/initiatives in the future.

Succeeding Atley is our very own Contributing Editor Hilda Rosca Nartea who has been with us since 2012 and has written some of the magazine’s well-read feature stories and other articles. We are confident that under Hilda’s leadership, she can again help bring the magazine to its next stage of growth and development while fulfilling our editorial mission. Please join me in welcoming Hilda. Get in touch with her at for your thoughts, comments or suggestions on how we can make The HR Agenda better serve your HR reading needs.

Again, nothing in life is constant. Everything and everyone change. And I think that is a good thing.

For whenever we make changes within ourselves in response to the realities in the external environment, that process brings forth creativity and energy that help us to continue our evolution to become better people, organizations, and yes, a better HR magazine for you.

We invite you to become part of that change and help us shift gears for the better so that we can continue publishing The HR Agenda — a truly unique platform for Japan-focused HR professionals like you. Email me at for comments or suggestions.

Onward and forward.



​​ 「人生で唯一不変なことは、全てが変化するということだ」

 言い慣わしはこのように告げています。このことは、人生にも、ビジネスにも当てはまりますが、「The HR Agenda」においてもそうです。前号のこのコラム[創刊4年目を迎える「 The HR Agenda」は、 変化を伴いながら、 さらに前進します]において、ユニークで先駆的な日本の人事専門出版物である本誌の出版を継続するために行おうとしている一連の変化について発表しました。これらの変化は、広告・購読料収入の停滞、減少から、経費を節減する必要が生じたからでした。

 これらの変化に良い効果が出始めてはいますが、編集チーム、形式、配布に関してさらにギアチェンジを行い、「The HR Agenda」にさらなる変化を実施する必要があると考えるようになりました。手短に言うと、本号から実施すると決めた主な変化は、「The HR Agenda」のデジタル版をインターネットで誰もが自由に閲覧できるようしたことです。各記事の末尾で、読者はその記事に関して自由にコメントすることもでき、読者の注目度を高めることになります。また意見と知識の交換を促すことができます。


 しかし、ご待望のプリント版がなくなるわけではありません。本誌周年号(7-10月)に関しては、以前同様、全内容を2か国語で、プリント版とデジタル版での発行を続けます。皆様「The HR Agenda」を広告掲載購読を通じて、どうぞこの取り組みを、引き続きお支えください。


 アトリの跡を継ぐのは、寄稿編集者であるヒルダ・ロスカ・ナルテアです。彼女は2012年から編集チームに加わり、本誌の特集記事とその他記事を執筆してきました。今後、彼女がリーダーシップを発揮し、編集の使命を実現しつつ、本誌を次の成長・発展の段階へと引き上げてくれると信じています。どうぞ彼女を歓迎ください。「The HR Agenda」が皆様のHRの読み物としてのニーズによりよく役立てるよう、皆様の考え、コメント、提案を彼女editor-in-chief@jhrs.orgまでご連絡ください。



 皆様のような日本に特化したHRプロのための真にユニークな発言の場であるこの「The HR Agenda」の刊行が続けられるように、どうぞ、その変化に参加ください。改善に向けての私たちのギアチェンジにご協力ください。コメント、提案を私までメールjun@jhrs.orgでお寄せください。

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